A Butcher’s Paper Review

Drawing from the full palette of colours this piece is a real paradox. Constrained, yet at the same time uninhibited, the piece speaks of the inner contradiction in us all. The striking use of colour is juxtaposed against the dark inner core that draws the eye symbolically to the edge of the canvas. Limiting the art to the edge of the canvas Wade gives us the experience of what is…and what could be….

Each streak of bold hue is intertwined with the next in a haunting representation of the diversity of the human race and the common experience that binds us. The core of the image leaves the viewer asking themselves whether the diversity of colour is exploding forth, drawing inward or doing both at the same time…shifting the paradigm.

Bursting onto the scene seemingly overnight this young artist is one to watch.

Untitled (2014)
Texta on butcher’s paper.