Step 1: Give a Sh*t

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it is to have a disability versus what it is to be “normal”. I guess I started to think along these lines after reading this article, by Mark Leach outlining the latest claims from the biotechnology industry to detect any deviation from “normal” in embryos in prenatal testing. I read this and thought…what template of “normal” are they going to use here? There are potentially billions and trillions of combinations in our genetic code…which one will they pick? How earth shatteringly bland is that cookie-cutter person going to be?

By society’s standards, I am “normal”. I am, however, different to you. I look different, I sound different. I had different parents and a different upbringing. I grew up in a different town, went to a different school, listened to different music, had different friends. My friends and family and past boyfriends are different, my husband is different. My hobbies are different, my interests, my dog, my house, my taste in furniture, my favourite ice cream flavour…..

My genes.

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