The Day I met Wade

The final week of pregnancy was awful. I was hot, swollen, uncomfortable and getting really impatient. Logic was telling me this thing can’t stay in there forever but I honestly thought it would never happen. The night before, I went for a walk down the park and I was so grumpy! Waddling along, wingeing and moaning thinking I would feel this awful forever.

Drama Queen.

The next morning around 7am I got up and there was a”show”. Hooray! Something was happening. All morning I felt a dull groan in my belly and I wandered around the house thinking how excited I was that I would finally meet my baby. I had been warned that these things take time and pre labour could go for hours, days even. I called my parents and sister, Sammy, and told them maybe over night or tomorrow we should have the baby. I had asked Sammy and my mum to be there for the delivery. From what I had seen of labour, it took days and I thought Mick could use the support of another person and maybe they could take shifts. Sammy told me to relax, it would be ages yet. I rang the Birthing Centre and they told me the same thing.
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