My name is Leticia and I live in Melbourne Australia with the light in my life, Wade.

The purpose of this blog is to tell my story of how I navigated the roller coaster ride of prenatal testing through to the birth of, and life with, my son Wade, who has Down Syndrome. I want to tell the story of how, despite the initial shock that comes with realising our unborn child may have Down Syndrome, we managed to understand and accept it so by the time he was born, he was welcomed with opened arms by us and all around us.

During the early days when my prenatal tests were coming back with a high chance of Down Syndrome, I read lots of dry medical sites about what Down Syndrome is but I also wanted to read stories of women who ultimately found peace and happiness and HOW they managed to get there. My hope is that families who find themselves in a similar situation as me might find useful, practical information and see how much positivity and happiness there can be too.

My life with Wade is a joy every single day and I cannot imagine life without him.

The name of the blog comes from the message I sent to announce the birth of Wade in January 2012.

“…Pink, chubby, happy and healthy with 10 fingers, 10 toes and 47 chromosomes which means our bubs has Down Syndrome. This was expected, grieved for, accepted and now embraced by us. We couldn’t love him any more than we do…”

It’s intention was tell everyone exactly what the situation was, give an indication of the journey we have been on and announce firmly that it is a happy occasion that is worth celebrating. It worked well as it set out the tone from day one and no one has ever doubted how happy we are to have Wade in our lives.
The title also refers to the idea of embracing Wade as a person, an individual, not just someone with Down Syndrome. Oh, and of course to that unexpected joy of low muscle tone…the full body, heavy hug! (Other DS mums will know what I mean!) Bliss.

Big Thanks to Nykie Grove-Eades of Mistral Photography for this years header photo!