Finding the right words

One of the unexpected joys of being a parent is that you always have something to talk about when you are stuck for chit-chat topics in social situations. Usually you will find yourself talking to another parent and conversation flows readily about each other’s kids. The rules of small talk between parents who are strangers strictly dictate that you must, without fail, compare notes on when each other’s child started crawling/walking/clapping/toilet training. If your child is not doing those things at the appropriate time then conversation usually turns to tips/techniques/advice/anecdotes about how to get there.

I can only endure so much of this before I feel obliged to mention that Wade has Down Syndrome and will do things more slowly than a typical child. I also feel obliged to mention it before the poor unsuspecting stranger in front of me really puts their foot in their mouth, I mean, I’d want someone to tell me! I feel ridiculous standing there keeping this highly relevant piece of information to myself but I always hesitate bringing it up because on the one hand, Wade is so much more than his diagnosis and I don’t want him to be defined by it. On the other hand, it’s still a huge part of who he is and a huge part of who I have become as a parent.

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