Childcare: or Giving with one hand and taking with another

A little while ago, Wade’s physio suggested that he might benefit from a day a week at childcare. The idea being he would get a bit of extra stimulation and spend some more intensive time with other kids. It would also give me a day to myself and he might get used to being away from me for more than an hour or two. Seemed like a great idea! She would come with me to help me pick a place which was great. I hadn’t considered childcare previously so I’d spent no time researching it. I had no idea what to look for in a centre.

We dropped in to a local centre to get the ball rolling but it was awful. My mind was swimming with all the horror stories I’d heard from other local mums about having to look at 20 or so childcare centres to find anything half decent. I compiled a list of nearby places and did a bit of ringing around. I didn’t know how inclusive your average childcare centre is so I put on my advocacy hat and got ready to leap to the defence of my boy, only to find that most places were completely unfazed by the prospect of caring for a child with Down syndrome which was reassuring, except for one….

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