His View: a photographic art sale raising funds for Down Syndrome Victoria

Hello and welcome to my annual StepUp! for Down syndrome fundraising event. Every year our team, Wade’s Waddlers, attends the annual walk to raise funds for our local Down Syndrome organisation – Down Syndrome Victoria. This year I wanted to do something a little bit different…an Art sale!

My goal with sharing a bit about our lives is to show that Wade is a capable and valued person with his own unique view of the world.

For Christmas last year I gave him a camera of his own to use whenever the mood strikes. He has taken all of these photos and I loved watching him find the things he wanted to photograph and take his time lining up the shot. It was quite a challenge getting a five-year-old to hold the camera still to prevent blurring so, I helped sometimes. But most of the time, I just let him go to see what happened.

When I uploaded the photos to the computer I was excited to see that the kinds of things he had been photographing and the effect of movement on the final shot. I made some black and white and added a filter here and there, giving some of them a whole new mood. The blurry ones ended up being my favourite. They are in groups because I think a few of them on the wall together would look amazing!

So, to raise money for the very wonderful people at Down Syndrome Victoria, I am running Wade’s very first art sale.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide which photos below you would like to purchase. All photos are $25 each.
  2. Head to the fundraising page, Click Give Now and donate the amount in multiples of $25
  3. In the “donor message” section list the name/s of the photos you are purchasing. (names are below the photos)
  4. Make sure the box “Include my name and email address in the donation notification email sent to the Supporter” is checked
  5. I will send you the high res, full sized version of the photos ready for printing to your email address

This way all proceeds go directly to DSV and you can print and/or frame them however you like!

NB: the thumbnails below are in low resolution. Final images are high res without the word ‘SAMPLE’ on them.¬†Click on the photo to view larger.

If you want to donate any amount without purchasing a photograph that’s fine too, use the same link!

I can be contacted through the Contact tab at the top of the page for any questions or problems.


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