A Shameless List of Adorable Things

Sometimes I get to the end of the day and realise the day has been full of tiny moments when my heart has nearly stopped at how adorable Wade is. Moments when I have to try and remember if I ever really knew how to feel anything before he came along. Moments when I stop and think….we made him. He wasn’t here before and now he is. Moments I’m sure every parent feels when they watch their child develop personality traits uniquely their own. Traits that we didn’t teach him, they just came from within him. So this is a shameless, self-indulgent, cheesy, gooey list of things that make me go squee about Wade….just because.


1. The Public Squirm Test
Going out in public with Wade is something that I have to allow extra time for. Mostly because I am stopped several times a day to discuss at length the deep level of cuteness this kid emanates but often it is because Wade will make a beeline for someone and single them out as “The Greatest Living Person on the Planet…for Now”. Wearing a hat or glasses will increase your chances but often he just spots someone that he decides is awesome and will go and meet them. Buskers need a strong sense of self too as Wade will walk right up to them and stand at their feet, staring up into their eyes as they perform. I get such a kick out of watching said person work out what to do or say when they look down and notice Wade peering up at them. I’ve written before about the peace that surrounds him. He is comfortable in his own skin. He is neither shy nor confident…he just is. He will just stand there and absorb them. A lot of people have no idea what to with that. After the obligatory, “Hey there little guy, aren’t you cute” there is usually a wordless conversation of smiles and waves before it starts to get weird for the poor person. I like to leave it just that little bit too long before I head over to give them back their personal space! Adorable.

2. Tappity-Tap Tap
He has recently started tapping his finger up and down when he points at something, like he is adding emphasis to the gesture. He looks me in the eye, keeps his hand perfectly still and taps the air. Adorable.

3. Checking for Lost Toes.
We have been teaching Wade to count things. It’s something we do many times a day. Counting the 12 stairs up to our front door when we come home. Counting the bowls as I unpack the dishwasher. Counting his fingers and toes as we get dressed to make sure they are all still there after they have disappeared into the arm and leg holes of his clothes. The other day we were driving along and I hear this strange serious of sounds coming from the car seat. I look behind me and Wade has taken his sock and shoe off and is counting his own toes. 1-5 sounds something like this…. Da, Doo, Do, Do Da!! Number five usually gets a set of Ta-Da! hands to go with it. Adorable.

4. Making a goose of myself in the name of O.T.
Taking myself out for breakfast or lunch is one of my favourite things. I love company too but lunch for one is bliss. Eating out with a baby was easy but it’s getting harder as he becomes a toddler. I am now looking for new and improved ways to distract him so that I don’t have to give up my lazy lunches! A week or so back, after he had rapidly dispensed of his babycino and was getting restless I thought it would be a good idea for him to help me eat my breakfast…good fine motor skill training and all that… I sat him on my lap and let him hold my knife and fork as I helped him cut the eggs on toast and feed me. So there’s me…sitting alone in a restaurant with a toddler on my lap, leaning over his shoulder as he is waving a fork piled high with scrambled eggs above his head hoping to reach my mouth. I’m being stabbed in the cheek and his hair is being covered in food and the two of us get the giggles…. Just as well we don’t mind getting sideways looks from complete strangers because we were having a ball. Freaking Adorable.

5. Every toilet is a Concert Hall
Wade loves to sing and he loves it when I sing along with him. He has discovered that enclosed spaces with no furnishings have great acoustics. Places like….public toilets and public showers at the swimming pool. Not so much the bathroom at home, nooooo, he much prefers the public ones….of course he does! Most times when we are out and we go to a public bathroom Wade will start singing at the top of his lungs with the expectation that I will join in. Many an unsuspecting member of the public has had the pleasure of hearing our tuneless little choral rendition from the cubicle next to them. Adorable. (Kind of…)

6. Thumbsucker.
Sometimes when he sucks his thumb, he puts his forehead against mine so that he can touch my lips with his little finger at the same time. Adorable.

7. Pure Trouble
Often the house will fall silent. Parents know too well that nothing is more foreboding than the sound of complete silence when a toddler is in the house.
“Where are you?” I call, then I will hear a muffled giggle and I know exactly where he is.
“What are you doing in there?” I call, as I make my way to the bathroom hearing the giggle get more and more excited.
“Where are you?”, one more time as I peek my head around the wall to see him standing next to the bath and he cracks up laughing. This is the funniest game in the world to him. It kind of started when he began throwing his toys in the bath as the bath was filling up. Then he started throwing them at other times, causing the bath to chip so we had to say no to throwing toys in the bath. Saying no, is the same as saying, “keep doing this because mummy and daddy find it terrifically funny”. Well, he has stopped throwing the toys but the threat of throwing toys is hilarious and so we play this game over and over. Adorable.

8. Little finger.
Sometimes when he eats, he holds his little pinky finger up in the air as though he is having high tea. Adorable.

9. Monkey see…monkey do…
Wade walks around the house pretending to be on the phone using either a real phone, any old object or his hand. He might stand in front of a window looking out at the trees or walk around looking down at his shoes and shuffling his feet. The conversations can go for quite some time involving long periods of babbling, pausing for a response, nodding and a series of “ya-ya” sounds and then finishing the “call” with a “Bye”. When we ask him who is on the phone, he always says “nanna”. If I actually decide to call nanna so that he can speak to her for real, he stares at the phone and says nothing. Adorable…(although I am clearly spending too much time on the phone!)


10. Budding virtuoso.
I’m a clunky piano player. I’m not trained and I struggle reading music while playing so I download lyrics and guitar chords of songs that I like and bang out a clumsy accompaniment while I sing along. Often Wade sits on my lap while I do this and listens. He usually throws my hands off the board so he can do it but lately he has been listening more intently. Just last week he started playing his own tune and singing along, then he stopped, turned the page of my music folder and played a different tune. He has figured out that when I turn the pages, I am playing a different song so that what he does now. He really is Adorable.

11. My Favourite Thing in the Whole World.
Every night when I put him to bed, we have a similar routine. “Say Goodnight to Daddy” and they have a hug. I carry him to his room over my shoulder and whisper to him about bedtime and how tired he is, then I lay him in the cot. I zip him into his sleeping bag and stroke his hair. I put my face close to his and I think of 3 different things every night.

“I love you more thaaaan…..chocolate cheesecake”
He will smile and nod making a little “ya-ya” sound.

“I love you more thaaaan…..helicopters”.

“I love you more thaaaaan….coffee tables”

“…and I’ll love you even more tomorrow”

Then he gives me a tiny kiss on the lips, rolls over and sucks his thumb. I give him his toy banana and his toy giraffe to cuddle and I walk out of the room. When I get to the door, I look back at the cot and usually he his watching me with those big beautiful baby blue eyes. I close the door and he falls asleep. Can’t Believe we got this Lucky Adorable.

That is all…

2 thoughts on “A Shameless List of Adorable Things

  1. Thanks for sharing! What a super adorable boy he is. I can feel all your love for him in your writing. Left me with warm fuzzies deep inside…

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